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(reporter Liu Sien: Reporter on the 26th from relevant news conference was informed, the famous Chinese singer Ding Yi and world famous singer Hayley Davis Tel together wonderful harmony ‘Ding Yi, Hayley global concert Chinese and foreign musicians will perform in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on April 29. ‘wonderful harmony global concert tour this curtain.
Wonderful harmony ‘Concert Beijing Performing Arts Group to build another heavyweight culture brand, creative starting point for dialogue and exchange between China and the world, Beijing and other world cities, passed through the interaction of Chinese and foreign well-known artists in the arena, Beijing hug world, sharing a wonderful deep friendship.
According to reports, the upcoming debut of the first concert lineup. The main performances Jia Binding Yi is one of the representatives of the Chinese tenor, the Sydney State Opera House, the first Asian chief tenor, Hayley Davis Tel has long been known to the world, she can use standard Chinese proficiency concert of traditional Chinese folk songs << moon represents my heart >> Ding Yi and Hayley cooperation on several occasions in the international performances in the concert repertoire both the world classic opera excerpts, musical excerpts, Chinese and foreign folk songs, classic works of Chinese and foreign pop songs, movie songs.
Conductor and composer of concert invited Ireland Derek? Gleason commanding re-orchestrations and concerts and foreign tracks, will also invite renowned young violinist Li Chuan Yun Performances.

Beijing’s first stop after the performance, ‘wonderful harmony concert will be held during the year went to the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and the United States for the first round of the world tour this process, the organizers will invite more people from different countries, different areas well-known artists, musicians to perform.
Beijing Performing Arts Group is a wholly state-owned company, has been set up in 2009, has produced and hosted a large-scale scenarios Song and Dance Poetry and << >> Tiananmen directly under the Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing Film Festival closing ceremony of the party, the National Ethnic Arts Festival, China the tenor world tour and other major cultural brand project, and twice appeared in the ‘National cultural enterprises 30.

International online news (reporter Liu Sien: ‘wonderful harmony’ Ding Yi, Hayley world tour concert first show will be held April 29 in the Great Hall of the People.
Concert Conductor Derek Gleeson at a news conference in Beijing on the 26th, the most significant feature of the show is the ‘cross-border combination, he is looking forward to cooperation and Ding Yi and Hayley Weisitela,,.
According to reports, the performances of the Chinese famous tenor Ding Yi and New Zealand cross-border soprano Hayley on ‘cross-border portfolio in the country is the first time the audience will hear a foreign classic opera excerpts, musical excerpts, folk, pop classic works such as songs, movies, songs and instrumental music(

Concert, Hayley with Chinese concert << Tin Road >> the duet << >> me and you, boys >> << Denny,> << Lovely Rose, << I The sun >> << moon represents my heart >> Code medley of Chinese and foreign songs will also be showing a clever choreography wonderful harmony.
The concert will be invited to the famous young violinist Li Chuan Yun costarring.
Classical and popular cross-border Irish conductor and composer Derek Gleeson re-orchestration of the whole concert of Chinese and foreign tracks, video Italian designer Stefano Fake unique video compatible for show the audience a fresh visual feast.
It is reported that the show organizers of the Beijing Performing Arts Group will bring all the creative staff in concert to pray for the affected people of the earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan Ya’an.

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