Stefano Fake / THE FAKE FACTORY : THE FLOWERS ROOMS (2004 to date) “THE FLOWERS ROOM” – immersive art experience

THE FLOWERS  ROOM is an immersive video art installation created by The Fake Factory.Since 2001, The Fake Factory has explored the computer’s potential to create both virtual and physical art forms that embrace the concept of space.
Through the use of immersion, interaction, and manipulation of both virtual and physical space, The Fake Factory has created powerful aesthetic environments that enable audiences to experience alternative realities. Immersive installations satisfy the viewer’s inherent desire to escape physical reality and become part of the art experience itself. 

While the visitor moves in the space, the projections surround him everywhere, confusing the boundaries of the walls with those of ceiling and floor. The inner world is expanding to the outside.

A lifelong flow of constantly changing flowers wraps the spectator.

The Fake Factory’s Flowers Rooms have been exhibited in Florence 2004 – Rome 2004 – New York 2005 – Beijing 2009 – London 2013 – Naples 2014 – Milan, 2015 – Amsterdam 2015 – Florence 2016 –  Shanghai 2017 – Milan 2018 – Florence 2018

the flowers room immersive art_00018the flowers room immersive art_00021the flowers room immersive art_00017the flowers room immersive art_00003the flowers room immersive art_00008the flowers room immersive art_00025the flowers room immersive art_00032the flowers room immersive art_00043the flowers room immersive art_00011the flowers room immersive art_00045

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