Stefano Fake (THE FAKE FACTORY) is the creator of some of the most innovative and successful immersive art exhibitions of the last decade: Caravaggio Experience, Klimt Experience, The French Impressionists Experience, The Art of Color, Modigliani Art Experience, Inside Magritte Art Experience, Van Gogh and the Cursed Artists, Bach Experience. 

Stefano Fake is the artist that has defined the format of art experiences worldwide, using large scale projections, immersive installations and mixed-media sculptures to bring the audience literally inside the works of art.

His unique style mixes the masterpieces of the masters of the past with original digital art, creating a bridge between the icons of fine art and the most contemporary new media creations. 

Stefano Fake is the artist that more than any other has established the idea of art as an EXPERIENCE, to be lived with all the senses. 

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