To be an artist is not a matter of making videos
or multimedia artworks at all.
What we are really dealing with
is the visitors state of consciousness
and the shape of their perceptions.
(Stefano Fake)

STEFANO FAKE & THE FAKE FACTORY created an IMMERSIVE ART EXPERIENCE revisiting the artworks of the belgian surrealist painter René Magritte.

An immersive art experience is a form of art which uses multimedia languages and multisensory tools to immerse the viewer inside the artwork, with a development in space and time determined by an audio-visual storytelling. (Stefano Fake)

INSIDE MAGRITTE at INSA CENTRAL MUSEUM SEOUL KOREA (29th april 2020 to 13 september 2020)

design&direction: Stefano Fake & THE FAKE FACTORY

art consultant at the Magritte Foundation: Julie Waseige

produced and distributed by Crossmedia – Italy

produced and organized in SEOUL KOREA by GNC media

“Tutto il nostro lavoro si potrebbe concentrare in questo concetto: The Fake Factory definisce, crea e manipola lo spazio per creare esperienze estetiche ed emozionali immersive. Invita il pubblico ad immergersi nell’arte con tutti i sensi “(Stefano Fake, 2016).

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