The 17th edition of Athens Digital Arts Festival, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens and Bright Festival, presented “FARNESINA: Digital Art Experience”.
This initiative took place under the patronage of the Embassy of Italy in Greece, in the framework of the Tempo Forte Cultural Initiative.

Farnesina: Digital Art Experience is an immersive digital art experience created by a selection of top Italian Digital Art Studios, a traveling collective exhibition of digital art that will travel around the world in 2021 and 2022. . This project is an initiative by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy and the International Cooperation aiming to promote contemporary Italian artists abroad in collaboration with Bright Festival, based in Florence.

Selected artists are: Antaless Visual Design, Antica Proietteria, Apparati Epimeri, FLxER, Kanaka Studio, Luca Agnani Studio, Michele Pusceddu, Monogrid, Mou Factory, Olo Creative Farm, OOOPStudio, Pixel Shapes, The Fake Factory, WöA Creative Company.


The latest generation of Italian Artist who works in digital and immersive art comes from a long tradition that we can trace back to the historical Italian avant-gardes of the twentieth century.

Your eyes
will soon open
to more radiant
visions of light.
(Futurist Technical Manifesto,1910)

We shall put
the spectator
in the center
of the picture.
(Futurist Technical Manifesto,1910)

Space, understood as an environment, and time, understood as a progressive audio-visual experience, are identity components of this immersive art form. The long-lasting effects are the survival of the most intangible emotions, exchange and sharing, the creation of new processes of materialization in art. If the exhibition turns into a film or theater set, the public itself become the actors. Documentation of the participants’ actions through photos and videos shared on social media, becomes part of the creative process, expanding the boundaries of the exhibition itself.Cultural productions are subjected to a re-reading-relocation by visitors, which certify the ubiquity of optical instruments and their current prevalence on any other means of production and social sharing. Immersive art allows multiple and simultaneous views on the work. The viewer/actor is an integral part of the immersive work.

With the resources of modern technology,
we will make appear in the sky:
artificial forms, rainbows of wonder, luminous writings.
(Lucio Fontana: Second Manifesto of Spatialism – 1948)

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) is an International Festival which celebrates digital culture through an annual gathering bringing together a global community of artists and audiences. Athens Digital Arts Festival aims to encourage, stimulate and promote all aspects of digital creativity by hosting local as well as international artists and communities. Through its multidisciplinary program Athens Digital Arts Festival offers a wide range of Exhibitions, Screenings, Live Performances, Workshops and International Tributes showcasing artworks that display distinctive characteristics of the digital medium and reflect on its language and aesthetics.

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