The MONUMENTAL DIGITAL PAINTING is a projection art technique born in the second half of the 90s, which allows you to create digital frescoes on the surfaces of buildings and monuments. It is characterized by a very free creative approach, which does not necessarily take into account the shape of the surface on which it is projected, as in the case of 3D videomapping. The projected contents are a mix of video footage, sometimes performed live, and digital processing.

Stefano Fake has always been an experimenter of art with his free-standing vision, the multi-disciplinarity, the meeting and integration between different arts. He navigates through various disciplines without any subscription to a particular category and without having to judge loyalty to itself. An artist who has always observed the world by his installations reproducing it by his meticulous orchestration of space, lights, images, music and sound layers weaved for creating a unique art experience.

Since 1997 Stefano Fake has been using the Monumental Digital Paintings and the Projection Art techniques on the most iconic Italian buildings and monuments.